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This password generator tool will allow you to create strong, secure and customized password to protect your email, FaceBook, Twitter and other online accounts. Read our guide to safeguard your online accounts here.


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Tips to protect your online accounts

  1. Use different passwords for each online account.
  2. Don't use personal information about you and your loved ones to create password. Generate a strong password which is difficult to guess.
  3. Create a password of minimum 15 characters long which contains alphabets in both case (upper and lower), numbers and special characters.
  4. Never use a weak password like asdfg, 123456, temp123, <your name>, <your mobile number>, <your date of birth> etc.
  5. When it comes to password recovery option, always set difficult answer to security question.
  6. Make a habit of changing your password on a regular interval.
  7. Never share your password with anyone but if it is necessary then don't share it via text messages or email and as your purpose of sharing password is solved change it immediately.
  8. Avoid using public internet connections to login your sensitive online accounts.
  9. Install a good antivirus and firewall on your device to keep it secured.